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The puzzle is the fifty-ninth in a series produced twice a year with 100 clues on a different theme each time.

The proceeds from each competition are donated to a different charity. On this occasion the profits will be donated to the Ruth Strauss Foundation(Reg Charity No. 1163221). If you wish to know more, look at the website - Ruth Strauss Foundation

The last puzzle, incidentally, raised a total of £ 12,760 plus a Gift Aid value of £ 2,059 for British Red Cross

If you are a crossword addict this is just your ‘cup of tea’. Why not see for yourself and view the puzzle by clicking below. All you have to do to see the rules and obtain your entry form is to download the puzzle with another click. Go on! - take up the challenge - and have tremendous fun pitting your wits against the compiler and at the same time donate a small sum to most deserving charities.

By the way, the only expenses that are deducted relate to printing costs, postage and prizes. All the remaining money is donated to charity. Monies received are paid into a charity bank account and the accounts are independently audited after each puzzle.

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